It’s all about relationships at Preschool !!

It’s all about relationships at Preschool !!

Sometimes it is a shared look.

Or it is a little hand sneaking onto your leg as you sit together reading a book.

Other times it is a little body hurtling toward you and almost bowling you over as they walk in the gate.

Or a picture or a card made just for you, every day, and given shyly and wordlessly.

Play dough cake served up to you on a plate.

Looking around the play space until their eyes find you, and then going back to their play.

A joke shared.

A hand in yours.

A long and involved story about their weekend. ( Yes they tell us everything )

Running to show you a shiny pebble or a shell they have discovered in the sandpit.

Asking for help.

Trusting you with their feelings.

Being themselves.

The moment that they trust you and know, really know, that you are there for them is the moment we work towards.

These little people are often leaving their families for a new environment for the very first time in their lives.

For their sense of being, becoming and belonging when children start preschool there is nothing more important than the relationships that they develop with the first educators in their world.

Not amazing facilities.

Not super dooper activities.

Not a school readiness program.


It’s the relationships that matter in preschool, pure and simple.

If you are a parent, what matters to you in your child’s relationships at preschool?