Tips to teach toddlers alphabets

Tips to teach toddlers alphabets

Familiarizing kids with alphabets is a herculean task for many parents and teachers. The initial introduction of the child to his first letters A..B…C could be simplified if creative methods are used. It requires lot of patience and persistence to teach kids alphabets. The whole learning process can be made lot of fun by infusing excitement through games and activities.

Here are few quick tips for making learning fun for kids:

Teaching alphabets through games

Games are the best means of teaching alphabets like blocks, puzzles, bingo etc. They can be very helpful in the teaching process. For instance, teaching using alphabet blocks could be exciting. Children can construct new words, assemble alphabets or arrange the consonants and vowels. Also, in case of puzzles, child can identify a picture or find the alphabet relating to it or fix up the puzzle from the mixed up pieces.

Use alphabets decor

One can adorn the walls with wall arts consisting of diverse sizes and shapes of alphabets and colorful alphabets also add charm to the room.  Also, you can try out putting child’s name on the door followed by labeling his drawers and contents. You can even decorate by showcasing alphabets for pictures and frames. Choosing child’s play area or bedroom for the purpose is important.

Creating alphabet book

Making your own alphabet book by pasting selected pictures cut out from old coloring book or magazine relating to the alphabets is good idea. You can ask your child to fill the book by making a page with each letter.

Humming songs that include alphabets

Kids are fond of humming songs and what could be better than singing alphabet songs to them. Singing or hearing songs increases the chance of children to remember alphabets longer. Include songs in the daily routine for toddlers as songs provide opportunity to little ones to learn new things more easily and also it increases their activity level and self-confidence. Above, everything else it is a fun way of learning for the child. Sing songs as often as possible. Make ABC song part of daily lesson plan. This is one of the easiest songs for children to learn and it soon becomes their favorite.

Play and experiment with themes to make alphabet learning really fun and interesting for your kid and if you do so it won’t look like herculean task anymore. So, gear up and put on your thinking cap to make your child pally with alphabet buddies!!